Monday, October 31, 2011


So, when Ainsley first began talking she had the absolute cutest way of saying things. All kinds of things, names and everything, including her own. This became a new way for all of the adults in Ainsley's life to speak to each other in Ainsley language (L-Ain-guage, get it?) Sometimes it was just the WAY she would say certain words, like DA-dd-Y, she would raise her tiny little voice at the DA part and the Y part. Then, she started saying aunts and uncles names. Jaime's sister, Carolyn, gets the gold here. She goes by Aunt DeeDee. Repetitive sounds are the easiest for children to say, like Mommy, Daddy, etc. So, Ainsley could say DeeDee before she got to the rest of the names. Which is fine because anything she said was adorable:) The K or hard C sounds are hard for kids to make right away too, so Keek became Teek and Uncle Cam became Tam. Amanda became just Manda or Manna for a while, we tried to make Oliver easy for her and since people call him O.D. we thought we'd try that. Which turned into Adu, again, adorable. Anyhow, most of these she has self-corrected by now as a four year old, and even though she can now say the isolated C/K sound, we are still Teek and Tam.

So, the point of all this is that we still speak like her. On a daily basis, Oliver and I speak to each other in Ainsley-talk. "Hewo?" comes in text form sometimes, but we answer the phone this way every time one calls the other. "What/how are you do-ning?" is how we greet one another, more often than not answering with "My fine." When we are getting ready to go somewhere we say, "Rea-y? Doh" (ready, without the 'd' sound and 'go' with a 'd') Need confirmation for something? "Otay!"

And our most favorite is our little baby Tida. Tiger came home to Fairfax with me for the summer once and pretty much spent the whole time hiding under the bed from Bailey and Bear. When Ainsley was visiting she squatted down next to the bed and called him, "Tidaaaa! Tidaaa! Tida aahh you?! Tum see me!!" and coaxed him out of his hiding spot to "tum see my new petty soos." (come see my new pretty shoes.) So we now call our baby Tida and we call him from the other room, "Tida!! Tum see us!" Oliver also calls me Teek.

Here is a sample convo:

"Hewo?" "Hello?"
"Hi Teek! How aah you? "Hi Keek! How are you?
"My do-ning fine. What you do-ning?" "I'm doing fine, what are you doing?"
"Oh, nussing, where's Tida?" "Oh, nothing, where's Tiger?"
"Tida busy seeping. I was donna take a picture of him tuz he's so toot right now."
"Tiger is busy sleeping. I was gonna take a picture of him 'cause he's so cute right now."

Any way we can keep our bug close to us on a daily basis:)

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