Thursday, November 28, 2013


Before I wrote Gramps' post a few weeks ago, the last blog I had written was last year's Thanksgiving thankful post. Some people like to post on Facebook daily about what they are thankful for throughout the month. Some people don't get this, they say, "you should be thankful for these things all the time, not just the month of November," or something of the likes. These people don't understand that whomever is posting their 30 days of thanks probably is genuinely thankful for these things throughout the year. November and the holiday we celebrate this month is just a good opportunity to acknowledge those things for which we are thankful.
While I don't want or need to post daily on the FB, I am truly grateful daily for the blessings I have in my life. So, why not let others know what I am thankful for? What if it is them that I am thankful for? Wouldn't it feel nice to know your presence in someone's life is appreciated? I think so:)

So, while my post may be similar to last November's post, and probably similar to much of what you have been reading on Facebook thus far this month, I still like to make the acknowledgement.

I am extremely lucky to have so many blessings in my life. I thank God daily for what I know I have and what I know not everyone is as lucky to have. So obviously the first thing I am thankful for is my relationship with Him:)

God has blessed me with an amazing family. Not just nuclear, but beyond. My cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and in-laws are a wonderful group of people. The love of a family is the best love one can have. Having all of Gramps' grandkids together last month was the biggest blessing of all. No matter how much time goes by that we do not see one another, the bond that has been there since birth is easily felt the moment we are together again. We come from the same blood and you can tell it's running through all of us. My grandmother's are amazing women. I miss my Nanny dancing around with us all, but the fact that she is still here at all makes me happy. My Non-Non amazes me daily, I admire, look up to and love her with all my heart. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. My in-laws are the greatest. Oliver's sister, family and cousins feel like they've been here all along. His father makes me smile regularly and I know God put these people in my life for a reason. I also sometimes wish Germany wasn't so far away! Now I have cousins on both sides of my family over there!

My husband is also included in that family, but he has a special place:) I do not know what I did to get so lucky to have him in my life, but I am thankful every moment for him. And what would a post about family be without mentioning the little life that he and I have created?! I cannot even begin to imagine how this little girl will change our lives, we are so excited for this journey into parenthood together and Oliver reminds me regularly that we're gonna be great at it! (Who knew he had so much confidence in parenting?!)

I am also thankful for the furry family I adore. My Tiger man whom I speak to like a real child and scoop up and rock like a baby every time I come through the door. His purr and constant presence at my feet comforts me. My Bailey Boo who just turned 11 years old whom I get on the floor with the second I walk into the White house. My furry nephews, Gatsby, Brinkley and Riggle man. Life wouldn't be the same without the furry babies I adore so much. (This also includes my friends pets, whom I like to call my best friends, like Eli and Okami and Archie, and even though I don't see them often enough; Rudy and Gus Gus.)

Speaking of friends, I am blessed with a multitude! My seven who make me laugh daily, who keep me sane and comfort me whenever needed. Our friendship has stayed strong over the years, we have watched each other grow, we have grown together and distance has had zero effect on the foundation we created so many years ago. My friends in Connecticut, especially Jess and Krystie who I am so so lucky to have! Our husbands believe we "planned and plotted" to have babies at the same time and just over a year ago while in Jamaica we were saying how awesome it would be if we all had babies at the same time. Then, one after the other, we all became pregnant. They brought two of the most beautiful boys into the world this year and Kennerly is lucky to have two protectors and best friends waiting for her. My coworkers who have become such fast friends, it will be sad to leave when baby comes but I feel so blessed to have began this new job and met these people. Then there's Hollee, who...well, I'm sure you all get sick of hearing about how great we are. My rock, my life, heart, home, my firmer foundation. Couldn't ask for a better Hollz to my Keek.

Now...speaking of life, heart, home...Zeta Tau Alpha. Three greek letters, a million memories, and friendships that have lasted distance and time. My pledge sisters whom I couldn't have made it through the Spring of 2004 without, all the way to now sharing in weddings, vacations and most of all- babies! My alpha Zeta's who I will just always have a bond with no matter how long between visits and phone calls. Then there's the Lambda Alpha's who I get to watch grow each semester into such wonderful young women. Only problem is...each new group is the same age and I just keep getting older! But I love being their advisor nonetheless.

I am also thankful for the simplicity of just being. I am thankful that whenever there is a bad moment, I have so many good things to focus on to make it better. So, there it is, my 2013 thankful post. Now, I'm gonna go back and read last year's post and probably remember other things I should have mentioned...I am just full of thanks! So for whatever I left out, I am thank for that too:)

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