Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear Kennerly

I have about 5 unfinished, unpublished posts on here about and to my baby girl. Most of which were written before she was born. Now she is here, has been here for three whole months and I have yet to post. I want to remember everything, and I have been doing a good job at taking it all in and appreciating the moment. But having things written down is the best way to preserve those memories. Which is why Jaime started her blog after Ainsley was born and I intend to do the same!

Dear Kennerly,

You have been here for three months but it feels like you have always been a part of me. I always knew you were there and that you would come when life was ready for you. I believe that souls are all up in heaven and prepare to come into life as little babies when God intends. So I know you were up there with loved ones and God just waiting to come into our lives. I pictured you up there watching me and your dad forever, watching us meet and fall in love and decide to bring your into our lives. When it was time, you said, "okay guys! Here I come!"
So on January 19th, 2014 our little angel came flying into the world. The doctor wasn't even finished putting her gown on when you came sailing out into her arms. In the past three months, you have shown us what love is. We thought our love for each other was strong, but what we feel for you is so intense we couldn't have known it existed.
When I see the way your daddy looks at you, I melt...because he's melting. You can see it in his eyes. You are so precious to him and it is the most wonderful thing in the world to see. You captured his heart with your first smile and he lives waiting for your next one. You recently began to giggle and I'm not really sure I can even express in words how that makes our hearts soar. And you have daddy wrapped right around your little finger. A smile, a giggle, any look at all really and he is done for.
You are starting to roll a little, you hold up your head like a champion, you're holding things in your tiny little hands and hitting all kinds of milestones! I love every minute with you and am excited to watch you thrive.


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