Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dear Kennerly (Deutschland Edition)

Dear Kennerly,

You are now officially an international traveler! You have you first stamps in your passport, you experienced new places, new faces, new food, new everything! And not just new, but German! Last year, there were talks of your daddy's Aunt Christine (Ina's) birthday party in September. I was still pregnant with you and we weren't sure how we would travel with an almost 8 month old, so we never really said yes or no. After you were born and daddy and I got into the swing of this whole parenting thing, and you got into the whole being a baby thing, we decided we could do it! You're pretty go-with-the-flow so we thought why not?

After weeks of planning, purchasing things we would need for you to travel and some more planning, we were packed and ready to go! We headed down to Auntie Susi's house where we met up with Opa and Gigi, boarded our little bus and headed to JFK. We checked in, went through security and headed to get some dinner. You were a champ at the airport and we were called first for boarding because we're a "family with small children!" We got settled in, I nursed so your ears wouldn't hurt during take off, and after the flight attendants set up your bassinet, you slept in there the rest of the flight.

We arrived in Frankfurt at 11 am and Ina and Reiner picked us up to take us the half hour ride to Friedburg (where daddy was born.) We stayed at Tante Ina's house with Pia and Gina (who I knew you would love, because I do SO much:) and Auntie Susi.

We went out for your first German dinner (which also happened to be where I had my first taste of schnitzel from the Vaderland five years ago) and you had your first taste of German food! It was a lovely dinner, you were admired by the couple at the table next to us, they spoke German to you and you gave them big smiles.

On our second day, we walked around Friedburg, had daddy's FAVORITE treat of spaghetti eis and that night we went to the Herbst Markt to have some more authentic German food in the beer tent. You loved the music, the people watching, and Opa's singing! Daddy and I had beers that were almost as big as your body and you kept trying to get the mugs from us. (Disclaimer, no baby's were given any alcohol.) We walked around the fair so you could see all the lights and rides. Daddy won you a bunny by playing a shooting game. Then, Ina and I went on a crazy spinning roller coaster and laughed until we cried. Though I only speak a little German, and Ina only speaks a little English, I realized years ago that laughter is the same in every language. Hopefully you will be able to speak German some day...even if daddy wont teach you. We will have Auntie Susi's help, I am sure:)

Saturday night was the big party, we all dressed up and headed to the party hall to celebrate Ina. You had a lot of fun dancing with Reiner's granddaughter's who just loved you! We took some silly pictures, ate lots of good food and partied the night away with our family!

The next day, we took the train to Frankfurt to have lunch with some more of the family and had a wonderful day exploring some more German things.

On this trip, we didn't have much time for sightseeing, but when we go back at a time when you may remember the visit, we will go see the castle and the fields where daddy used to play, and you can enjoy the spaghetti eis with us!! (All you got this time was a little taste of the strawberry sauce,..and, of course you LOVED it:)

This trip was too quick, but worth every moment we got to spend with everyone. We look forward to more international trips with our little traveling baby.

Love you, Snugs!


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