Saturday, March 14, 2015

In Between: A 13 Month Update

Hello! So, I have about 5 unpublished posts on here that I haven't been able to make quite right. Instead of going back and figuring out why they're not ready to be posted, I decided to write a new one in hopes that starting fresh would make something publish-worthy. And what is more worthy of publication than a good old catch up on our life? (Thanks, Jaim:)

There is a whole post about what happened to our almost-13 month old. (Kennerly was in the hospital for five days, had surgery, showed us that she is the bravest, strongest little lady we ever could imagine...) But this post will be more about our almost-14 month old.


On March 11, 2015 at 8:51 am, you took your first real steps. It was just within the past week or so that you became interested in walking holding our hands. Before, if we would hold your hands and point you in the right direction and you would just sit down and crawl. You have been standing up (sometimes in the middle of the room) for over a month and cruising and side-stepping around furniture just as long, you just didn't have much interest in taking steps forward. Until last week.

We were in your nursery and you were walking holding both my hands, you let one go on your own and just for the heck of it, I let go of the other one to see what you'd do. You took about two steps toward where we were headed. I squealed! I looked at daddy, "she walked! She just did that without holding on!!" I was clearly stating the obvious, because he was standing right there and saw just what I saw.

We stood you back up and let you stand alone and tried to get you to walk back and forth between us. Then, you took about three steps toward daddy and the same back to me! We were cheering and smiling so big! You were pretty unfazed by the whole thing. I'm not sure you had any idea what you did.

So, now we know you can do it, still not positive YOU know you can do it, so you will walk more just holding a finger of ours and crawl if you really want to go somewhere. You are at the in-between stage, where we are just waiting for you to take off. Then there's no looking back. We were/are in no rush for you to walk. Not that we have been discouraging it, but we haven't been pushing it either. You do what you need to do, grow and meet those milestones at your own pace. Because once you do, you will never again be our baby who just rolls, or just sits up, or just crawls. All the big milestones (and pretty much most of the little ones too) are bittersweet. We get SO excited when you do something new and perfect it, but then there's this little part that becomes nostalgic for the baby who could only ever get anywhere by being scooped up and carried there.

People always say how it all goes so fast. I'm sure if you ask any mother they will tell you it feels "like yesterday" that their child/ren were crawling, toddling around, etc. Heck, I still remember tiny baby Ainsley pulling herself up on furniture and stumbling around trying out her new little language in her tiny little voice. Ainsley is seven now. SEVEN. (Kennie, please don't be seven overnight like she was!)

You have the sweetest little voice and some absolutely adorable words. You call Tiger "Mau" which we decipher to be a version of "meow" because ever since you were tiny tiny when we would see him I say, "good morning Tiger. Tiger, Kitty cat, meow. You see the kitty cat? Meow." So about a month ago you started pointing at him and yelling, "mau!" very excitedly. Now even when you don't see him, you call for him. Sometimes he comes. Those are your favorite times:) And whenever you see any cat you look at us and say, "mau!" (yes, you did this after seeing an orange cat on a cat food bag at the grocery store.)

You say mom and dad, sometimes mommy or daddy. sometimes mom-mom and daaaaad. You draw out the first syllable and cut off whatever syllables come next which is why mom and dad are more often than mommy and daddy. You also call Nanny "Nahn."

You use sign language for other things like "all done" and "milk." Milk is your favorite one. Probably because milk is your favorite thing. I call you my little milk monster. It's very cute when you do this sign with both your hands, you have the sweetest look on your face. Unless you are really wanting to nurse, then you have a crazed look on your face and those little hands move a mile a minute between signing and pulling at my shirt. See? Monster;)

As always, you inspire us everyday to be better. You crack yourself up, you smile so big, you snuggle and babble, you surprise yourself, you surprise us. We love you so much baby girl. Here's one more blog post for your baby book:)

Mommy & Daddy

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