Sunday, September 19, 2010

Living Life Shouldn't Get in the Way's been almost a full month since we've blogged! No excuse really...however, I will give some excuses anyway:) Hollee just moved to a new place and began her new job. I have been getting acclimated to my new job as well; getting the classroom ready, meeting my new colleagues and then school actually began, so things have been crazy. Oh! I also got engaged:):):) Big news! More on that to come on a nice little wedding website though:)

We said we'd tell you all about Hollee's trip up here, and it just seems like it was so long ago now. We had an awesome time, hung out with Oliver (who showed the ring to her some time while I was in the shower or something!!) and went out her first night here. We had a lot of fun, skype partied with A.P., met some Danish boys at a bar, had some of my friends from up here come out and meet us. The next day we went to the beach and relaxed most of the afternoon, came home and watched TV and took a little nap before heading out to Rye Playland in Rye, NY. My dad grew up in Rye and used to ride his bike there with his friends all the time when he was little. It's an amusement park on the coast on the LI Sound that was founded in the 1920's. It is fairly small, but SO great. Very cool rides, neat atmosphere, fun games and only about 20 minutes away! The Dragon Coaster is one of very few wooden roller coasters still in operation in the U.S. We went on that 2 or 3 times, and went on a ride that really felt like you were flying, it was so cool! And the park wasn't so packed on a Thursday night that we could keep going back on rides one after the other without much waiting in line. We went on the ride where you stick to the wall, some gnome water adventure where you ride a log through a bunch of tunnels, and a carousel where you are actually "riding and racing" the horse. We went on the Double Shot (one of those that shoots you up in the air and you fall with negative G-force!!) about a hundred times. It was hilarious. All in all, we had a great night, running around to different rides like little kids. We even went on a haunted house ride (which is geared toward probably 10 year olds). I wish someone had video footage of us in there. You ride in one of those slow roller coaster cars and weave your way through a dark haunted house with flashing lights, screams, fake skeletons, etc. If you know me at know I was screaming the whole time. I closed my eyes so tight, had tears coming down my face from screaming and laughing so hard. It wasn't actually scary, but I just don't do well in that type of situation. It was hilarious, I must admit. Even I was laughing at my reactions. But when someone screams, how do you not scream back? I don't know. The very last minute of the ride there's a loud BANG and you look like you're going straight into the wall. The "wall" opens up and it's a door to the outside, where people can stand and watch your reaction while you think you are screeching headfirst into a wall. Needless to say, the man waiting for his children to come off the ride got a kick out of two 25/26 year old girls coming out screaming. So, Playland was great, it was a nice KeekandHollz adventure. Then, the next day, Hollee had to leave:(
It was so wonderful having my best friend up here to visit. I sometimes wish that we could just shrink New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland...then VA would be SO MUCH closer to CT!!
Ah well, guess that's what BoltBus, Amtrak and JetBlue are for!

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  1. That was also the first time we rode a roller coaster together!!! 8 years later and still having new experiences/adventures together :)