Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last Published Sept. 19th.... UNacceptable

Ugh, we are terrible. Last post was seriously almost 2 months ago. Hollee and I have seen each other a total of three times since then and have not posted a thing. Not that we need to see each other to write about our lives...So, anyhow, tonight you get two posts. This one, as a general catch up on life, and the next one that will be so great you wont know what to do with yourself.
So, let's make this post about my job. I LOVE my job. I guess I kind of always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but now that I actually am, I couldn't be happier with my choice of career. I do know that I would still love to write screenplays or children's books or novels, or somehow be involved in the media field...but I am happy doing what I am doing and I can still write on the side because teaching allows time for that. (sometimes;)
I went into college as a Pre-Veterinary Med major. That's right, Pre-Vet Medicine. After finding out that Longwood only offered a two-year pre-med program and then I would have to transfer somewhere to do the Vet thing, (and taking into account that I am extremely lazy) I switched to Communication Studies. Best choice ever. (Not only cause that was one of the reasons Hollee and I met, but because Comm is the best department at LU:) Even though I was at one of the top teaching schools in Virginia...if I knew I wanted to be a teacher, what the heck was I doing in Comm? Who knows? I just knew I liked "communicating" and it was the closest thing to media and public relations that Longwood had to offer. There was actually a shirt we got Freshman year that said something about putting the true meaning into talking during class. That was extremely fitting considering the fact that all through my younger school years "talking in class" was the biggest (and usually only;) complaint I got on my report cards. So anyhow, I had the best four years of my life as a Comm Major, graduated, got a job in the media field working for Ascent Media as an Encode Operator...basically I watched TV (Biography Channel, A&E, History Channel) for 40 hours a week and got paid lots of money. While the money was great, the job...not so fulfilling. I am a people person, and sitting in front of three monitors all day wasn't really for me. So, I decided to leave Ascent when an amazing opportunity arose for me. I moved to Italy for three months and lived with a family to be their Au Pair. Before I left the states, I applied to grad school for Elementary Education. I took the entrance exam (the first Praxis) like 3 days before I left and found out while in Italy that I was accepted to Sacred Heart University to get my Master's in Elementary Ed. So began my journey into the education field.
If I were to explain everything that has happened since I graduated from grad school, that would be a whole series of blogs on it's own (ridiculous CT job market for teachers, terrible principals, getting screwed by a school district, the list goes on.)
But today, I teach Pre-K to the greatest 4 and 5 year olds in the world. I love going to work everyday, planning what to do with them, seeing how excited they get when they get something right. Whether it is zipping up their coat on their own, writing their name or making some sort of connection to a story we read, the look on their faces is priceless and their excitement is contagious. I have twelve little sponges that soak up everything I say or do and I love it.

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