Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Proposal

So there was really never any question who my Maid of Honor would be...and the lucky winner is Miss Hollee E. Higbea. Or really, the lucky winner is me:) Hollee is the greatest, most wonderful best friend any girl could ask for and the absolute epitome of what a Maid of Honor should be for me; someone who knows me almost better than I know myself at times. Someone who can tell me "that dress is NOT for you" without making me feel bad about myself. Someone who understands when I might cry over what may seem like a silly wedding detail to anyone else. Someone who can tell what I need over the phone just by the way I say "hey." Someone who will take any stress away from me a year prior to, or the day of my wedding. Someone who my fiancé adores. This Maid of Honor is a best friend on steroids (in a good way!)
I know that no matter the time of night, no matter what she is doing, where she is, who she is with...Hollee is there for me. I know I will need her to help me plan, help me stay sane, help remind me to have fun with the planning, and most of all just be standing right next to me when I make a lifelong commitment to my other best friend. The day of our wedding, these words will be spoken:
Oliver- "I do."
Caitlyn- "I do."
Hollee- " and I do too."

Thanks for saying yes to my proposal:)

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