Monday, January 3, 2011

Boot Camp

So, here we are another however many ridiculous months since either of us posted. This blog is an outlet, so here's me letting out some things. About a month or so ago there was an ad on LivingSocial (if you don't use it, get started now!!) for Fairfield County Adventure Boot Camp. As I always do before purchasing a LivingSocial deal, I went to the website, researched it and decided it was a fantastic opportunity. One month of unlimited boot camp (normally almost $300) I got for about $80. It is a women-only exercise program that during spring and summer months, is outside, pilates on the beach, jogging on trails, etc. That part intrigued me, however, I joined when it is winter so we are inside. Anyhow, it was very enticing, for all ages, weights and physical fitness. No two days the same, all sorts of workouts, all you need to bring is 5lb weights, a workout mat and yourself. (I had everything on that list.) I signed up for the January session at the end of November because I thought starting in the new year would jump start me back into my workout routine (which I pretty much fell out of MONTHS ago.) This was also even before we moved our wedding date up 5 months! So thank goodness I signed up! The session is five days a week for one hour beginning at 5:45 a.m. Crazy? YES! I don't have to get up for work until 7 a.m. Now, I will be waking up at 5ish and going to do crazy things to my body. Yeah, yeah I know it's healthy and I am excited about the health benefits. But after day one this morning, I am soooo sore already. Usually I don't get sore until the day after working out, but today...SUPER sore. To the point where I arrived at work and had to walk up the stairs from the parking lot and could barely make it up the 12 steps. My legs were shaking during the workout and continued to feel like jelly for a while, until the soreness set in and my muscles became tight. Not sure how I am gonna make it tomorrow! Also, let me mention the fact that there is no shower facility at this boot camp, so I could either drive the 10 miles back north on 95 to get ready for work at home, or drive the 2 miles to my gym in the same town to shower. So I chose the latter. However, this morning I forgot a towel. Had to dry off with a sweatshirt I had in my gym bag (it was clean, don't worry.) Then I sat in the sauna to dry off completely. Ugh. Needless to say, towel will be the first thing I pack tonight. I'll keep you updated with how this whole thing goes. The goal is to get somewhat back into shape with these 5-day 5 a.m. workouts so that when my boot camp is finished, I will WANT to go to the gym after work (or maybe even before depending on how this whole early-morning thing goes.) So, here's to hoping my plan works! (and I don't become cripple in the mean time.)

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  1. Yay. Ur gonna be a beautiful bride, but that'd happen without the boot camp : )