Monday, January 17, 2011

The Best of Intentions

Yesterday and last night all I was hearing on the news was how bad the weather was going to be today. Checked my go-to weather website ( saw the Winter Weather Advisory: Hazardous Weather Outlook. So I assumed we would have a delay this morning. Yet, I still packed all my things so I would be ready to go in the morning. I am a firm believer that if you plan for a snow day, it wont happen. Always did my homework and such because I knew if I didn't and planned on not having to go to school, the snow or ice would miraculously just not show up. I digress.
So, my body woke me up at 4 am to check the district website. No little yellow square. Alarm woke me up at 5 am, checked again, no little yellow square. I checked the weather, maybe it didn't happen? Nope, noaa told me it was happening. Snow, icy rain, etc. But no cancellation or delay. Hmm maybe it's not that bad in Greenwich. So I get up, get ready and check just ONE more time to be sure. Still no little yellow square telling me there's a delay or cancellation. So I leave the house to head to boot camp. About 2 inches of that icy type snow on the ground and on my car. I cleaned off my car by using my coat sleeve, did't feel like doing the whole deal. Got in, drove off. Even checked my brakes by slamming on them in the driveway to be sure if things got super slippery my car wouldn't fail me. I do that sometimes. It left a skid mark but did a good job. The roads were not good. Slippery and not really plowed or salted. I trudged on, got on the highway and proceeded to go about 30 mph on 95. As I was reaching for my chapstick in my purse, I noticed it was vibrating. Oliver was calling. I answered. "Hey babe, Greenwich schools are closed, turn around and come home." WHAT?! I JUST checked! I believe I called the decision makers Mo's (like moron) and continued to have an inner battle of whether or not I should miss boot camp. Oliver is all about me and boot camp, so if he says I should come home, I feel like he's probably right. But I still wasn't sure. I thought I'd go and see how the roads were in Stamford, see if maybe I could park at the top of the boot camp driveway because they are notorious for not plowing or salting. But Oliver seemed adamant that I should make sure I was safe. So, I got off an exit in Darien and turned around to get back on 95 North. Both of which were semi-treacherous. I think I made the right decision, but I still hate to miss boot camp if it wasn't cancelled. I am gonna try really hard to make myself go to the gym today once the roads are better.

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