Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100 Day Challenge

So, tomorrow will be exactly 100 days until our wedding. After my month of boot camp, the first week of February began well enough. Went to the gym after work Monday, did some cardio and began Operation: Hot Arms (as deemed by one of my best friends, and THE best personal trainer I have ever known, Miss Laura DeSimone.) However, here we are on Wednesday and the sheet of ice on the roads has deterred me from going out. Okay, fine, Oliver and I went out to lunch (but he drove, cause the Keekmobile in the ice is a disaster waiting to happen.) At this lunch, we decided on the 100 Day Challenge. I was doing pretty well on an all natural diet (once again, suggested by Laura-really if you live in the Northern VA area and are looking to get healthy, look her up) consisting of all kinds of proteins, veggies and fruit. It made me feel better inside and out. I fell off that wagon when that one little part of the month came (sorry) and I caved to the sweet then salty cravings. But it's okay, I will get back. So, today at lunch Oliver and I decided to make a pact and really work on encouraging each other to be healthy. We want to start our marriage off as a healthy couple and to continue to be healthy for our children. We haven't always been the best for each other in the past ("just one more trip to get ice cream?" "okay, but this is the last time.") So, today we had barbecue, sweet potato fries...and cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery (seriously the BEST cupcakes EVER) before we begin our journey into healthy health.
100 days until our wedding, we each choose something for ourselves to give up entirely for 100 days, then we each choose something for the other to give up. I chose candy bars for him (it's just easy for him to stop at a gas station or convenience store while he's at work to grab a snack) and he is still trying to figure out what he will choose for me. We also go to separate gyms, which kinda sucks, but we are starting out with at least 3 days a week at the gym, then hopefully working up to 5, which I know I can do because of my month of boot camp!
So, wish us luck! I'll blog some more and let my followers (mom and dad;) know how it's going!

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