Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Days Today

Day one went well, and for those of you waiting on the edge of your seat...what Oliver chose for me to give up for the hundred days food. However, I don't really ever eat fast food, like McDonald's and those sorts of is very few and far between that I will go through a drive-thru. But there's this place, Norwalk Pizza and Pasta...and I am, well, to put it bluntly- obsessed. I love everything on their menu. Now, I don't really think it's that fair that this is what he chose, because he specifically said I had to give up "fast, Norwalk Pizza and Pasta." The reason I don't think it's fair is because I do get healthy food from there! (yeah, I'm whining) It's right down the street, within walking distance, and they have salads and paninos and best of all, they have my all time favorite Slim Down pizza. It is DElicious. Made with thin whole wheat crust, no sugar added sauce, skim mozzarella, and I add roasted peppers and onions (to get some veggies:) and when I was doing weight watchers it equaled out to be 4 or 5 points for 2 slices, when a slice of regular pizza is 5 by itself. Anyhow, I do often order the amazing garlic knots, sometimes chicken tenders or wings, so I get it. So no "fast food" for me...including Subway. Ugh. 100 days of no Norwalk Pizza and Pasta? I can pretty much guarantee they will miss my business...yeah, they know me there.
This will not be easy. I added soda to his things to give up too, because he does love a good regular pepsi.
On the gym front, we both went today, which makes one more time to get to 3 for me and 2 for him. Maybe I'll go to a class this weekend to change it up a bit.

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