Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Year

So, I recently wrote a whole post about our story. The Doenges story began from somewhat rough beginnings. It confuses my soul to have such devastation and joy at the same time. But after completing the post, I decided not to put it out there. It's a personal story that most people close to us know, but my husband is private so I don't want to air too much of us that he might not be comfortable with.

I just have to say how lucky I am to have become Mrs. Doenges. One year ago this weekend, I married the most amazing man God created. We were married at his mother's bedside in what our pastor described as a "beautiful sanctuary" and I couldn't agree more. The sunlight shone through the windows of the small room filled with our family. You could literally feel the love encompassing us where we stood. My eyes teared and I giddily giggled my way through the vows when the pastor said things like "husband and wife" all the while my strict, German father-in-law giving me looks that said "keep it together," or "enough with the giggling." :)

It was beautiful, small and simple. And perfect. Ellen needed to be a part of our wedding and our marriage, and she was. We hugged and kissed her and I whispered in her ear, "we're married! I'm Mrs. Doenges now too!" and a smile slowly made it's way across her face. It is a moment and a day I will never forget.

We took pictures in the garden, drank champagne and fed each other a chocolate frosted doughnut from Dunkin Donuts.

Ellen might not have made it to our big wedding in the church and the reception at the country club, but she was witness to our exchange of vows to one another on that beautiful May day in Wilton. And for that, we are forever grateful.

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