Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ramblings of a bored "tv watcher"

Clearly Keek wasn't lying when she said that the whole "procrastination" label fits us both. Here I am, two days later finally putting my two cents into this blog. The good news is, now we are both authors so you faithful readers (and we hope there are at least a few of those out there) will now know who is talking about what.

While Keek talks of stars having great meanings and other intellectual ponderings...I thought I'd just talk about new exciting things happening for me right now. That's about all the imagination I can muster on the downward slope of my two-job-tuesday. Speaking of jobs - that's one new thing going on for me. I got a new job!!! I've been with Discovery for 4 years now...same position/less than desirable night and weekend schedule for a little under 3 years and was getting rapidly restless/bored/any other non-fun adjective you can think of, but was doing what I do best and slacking on actively seeking a new job. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about a position with T-Mobile and sent me all the info. *side note - I'm obsessed with cell phones, and I have been a T-Mobile customer for about 8 years* Needless to say for many reasons I was excited about this position and the opportunity to pursue a very different career path then the one I was currently (and unhappily) on. The position is a Sales Development Representative...basically I'll be traveling to all the stores that sell T-Mobile but aren't corporate stores (Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, etc) to make sure the employees are trained, offering promotions, the managers are meeting their sales goals, and providing regular reports for the stores in my area. Stuff like that. I'm definitely excited, but I'm also scared, nervous, anxious, and sort of sad to leave Discovery. Not so much the position, but the people - and the company. Discovery was my first job out of college, so it's all I've ever really known. But, time to take a leap and try something new.

I'm also moving this month...which I am very excited about! Funnily enough, the girls I'm moving in with are Caitlyn's best friends from high school. AND Laura has a dog! I'm so so soooo excited about that. Although I'm going to terribly miss Nicole and her kitty Roxy...they won't be too far away.

The MOST exciting thing, I have to say, is that next Wednesday I will be on the Bolt Bus headed north to visit Keek! I'm super nervous to arrive in NYC and have to cab it to Grand Central and catch a train...but apparently this is a very liberating experience, so I welcome the challenge.

I guess that's it for me tonight...it's my lunchtime. And yes, if the middle of my workday falls in the evening, I still consider it a lunch break, not dinner break.


  1. How do I become a follower of this?!? I love this!! Congrats to both of you for having such a creative way of getting thoughts down AND keeping in touch!! Mwah to both! xoxoxox

    -Putie Putes

  2. I love reading this. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I'm glad you're both doing well. Miss you both. Comm buds for life!