Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Post Brought to you By Skype

Dear Blog Followers,
Hollee and I have decided that skyping is the greatest thing life has to offer best friends who live 300 miles apart. Not only does it allow us to see each other on a frequent basis, BUT it allows us to slack on whatever we should be doing in life...and have a couple beers/alcoholic beverages "together." This started with a different kind of beverage. In college, Hollee and I used to have coffee on the porch every morning before watching Regis and Kelly (and sometimes going to class). Now, we have coffee on the skype instead. This turned into skype partying, which we have discovered is awesome. As I compose this blog, Hollee is "here" with me. We are co-writing this one via Skype.
We don't really have anything to say, Hollee should be packing for the big move in with my bff's from high school. (Side note: this makes me super happy, my best friends from high school, aka M7, are so so great and mean the world to me, and the fact that my best friend from college/life, not only gets along with, but LOVES them, makes me so happy.) So that's what she should be doing and I should be cleaning my apartment for her arrival. Instead, we are hangin' out on Skype, texting, calling and gchatting our friends (aka AP and Jessica.)
So, 02:22, is the running skype ticker time. It is what it is...Hollee just snorted laughing so hard...she doesn't know I wrote that part. She can only see me writing this, but doesn't know what I am typing. Haa....okay, goodnight.

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